Bloom Collective
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Bloom Collective Market gives you the opportunity to admire and pursue beautiful stalls. Eat your heart out on some delicious food from our gourmet food trucks and be mesmerized by the authentic musical talent.

Founded in 2015 and inspired by the Matakana Farmers Market in New Zealand, you’ll find a buzz of entrepreneurship and epic grassroots businesses who are wanting to scale.  If you think about it, this is where it begins for most of these makers, where their dreams are made and where they get to be creative. 

Feast your eyes on some of the best talent New Zealand has to offer, and explore some of your own personal interests in a relaxed way.  

Our market is humble in size, ranging from 15-35 stalls with around 5-15 additional food trailers but we are growing. Our Christmas market is the larger one of the season, with 30-55+ stalls. 

Come and join us celebrating people daring to be bold, and put themselves out there. 


Taz (Taryn Lyford)

M  027 255 4884

Bloom Collective Markets

A place where artisan crafters, collectors, designers, and creatives come together to showcase and sell their wares. We also show off some of the best gourmet food trucks that New Zealand has to offer!

It's much bigger than just a market - we are making history

Our impact on a larger scale is social and economic growth for our community. 

What is at Bloom Collective?

Flexibility, Creativity and Entrepreneurship

We have loved how having our own business has offered us the flexibility to fit in with our families as well. 

Narelle - The Good Home Project

Bloom Collective is an Artisan Makers Market made up of crafters, designers, collectors, artists, makers, and grassroot businesses who really want to grow their businesses inside and outside of their local area.


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